Owner's Terms

A Local Cart Owner Account Terms

Please review the following terms prior to application to use the A Local Cart service as an “Owner.” The following terms incorporate the A Local Cart Terms of Service. At the time of application, you will be asked to acknowledge and agree that all the information you will submitting is true and accurate. You agree and understand that if, A Local Cart, at their discretion allows an Owner account to be registered through this Service you will be under an obligation to ensure that any required information, your listings, and documentation of eligibility as A Local Cart may require in the process of application, and thereafter, shall be accurate and complete. Your acknowledgement shall form a binding contract which allows you to use these Services for the purpose of contracting with other users through the A Local Cart platform.

Application and Eligibility

You agree and understand that A Local Cart may require documentation, acceptable at their discretion, sufficient to demonstrate that your golf cart/LSV is legally registered, and that you have valid title and/or legal authority to form a Contract with other Users (Renters), or that you have necessary authorizations, to act on behalf of title holder, lease holder, or other party in interest as may be required by law, as further set forth in the "Manager" section below. For our purposes this Agreement shall assume that "Owner" shall refer to any parties in interest as they have manifested their mutual agreement as A Local Cart may require.

Please refer to these Terms and notices in your dashboard that may require you to submit additional documentation or information as might be required by law, or changed A Local Cart policies. You acknowledge that A Local Cart relies on the information you submit during registration, and all further uses of these Services to be accurate and complete.

Maintenance and Safety

Owner further agrees that they shall be responsible for maintaining golf cart/LSV in accordance with the law and manufacturers recommendations, at the very least vehicles shall be offered in a safely operable condition with the understanding the A Local Cart community relies on well-maintained vehicles. A Local Cart may make certain assumptions in reliance on information submitted by you at the time of registration, and on-going maintenance of your vehicle. At our discretion, we may request further documentation to ensure the quality of vehicles listed on this Service, at the time of application, and to ensure regular and routine maintenance is provided. This documentation may include documentation signed by your mechanic, or technician, as approved by A Local Cart, in order to properly maintain your listing, but A Local Cart may assume that Owner shall maintain golf cart/LSV, and perform routine inspections between rentals, as a condition of this Agreement and your continued use of these Services as an Owner.

Your Owner Account and Listings

Owner agrees and understands that their continued registration through this Service requires their continued assistance in maintaining quality in the A Local Cart community. This means that listings created shall be accurate and include pictures and documentation (Make, Model and Year) along with any other information suggested in Owner Guidelines. Listings deemed to be inaccurate or deceptive may be reported, requiring correction, failure to do so may result in suspension or termination of your account. You agree and understand that the A Local Cart Service is provided for you to enter into a reservation and rental agreement with Renters. A Local Cart provides administrative support in this process, including model Reservation Agreements, and maintenance of the A Local Cart platform. A Local Cart is not a party to the agreement between Users, nor do we provide legal advice beyond providing a template for recording agreements between Users. A Local Cart does not undertake to warrant the sufficiency or accuracy of information as communicated between Users, however A Local Cart reserves the right to terminate or suspend User accounts deemed to violate the incorporated Terms and Conditions.

Acceptance of A Local Cart as Agent

A Local Cart, in order to provide these services shall act as a limited agent in order to facilitate transactions between Users. In this capacity Users agree that A Local Cart shall be appointed Administrative Agent as further set forth here. A Local Cart, working with trusted third parties (including Stripe and insurance providers) shall act as Agent for Users with regards to processing Owner Payments and assisting in the Insurance process.

A Local Cart Obligations

A Local Cart does not act as Insurer, Payment Processor, nor are we a party to Users contracts. Our responsibility is to maintain the Services and Platform and provide administrative Services to ensure their continued operation and quality of User experience. For provision of this Platform, Administrative Services, and User Accounts, A Local Cart charges transactional fees equivalent to 10% of the transactions between Users before Rental fees are distributed to Owners. Fees for additional Services shall be charged as necessary on terms communicated to Users prior to transactions/

Reservation and Rental Procedures

Upon receipt of Reservation request by Renter, Owner should respond in a timely fashion. In the event Reservation request does not include all required or requested information, A Local Cart requires that you contact Renter, and ensure that the Reservation Agreement reflects the terms under which the Parties might agree to the Reservation, in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the A Local Cart Service.

Both Parties shall then be required to execute a Reservation Agreement that reflects the Terms of the Agreement between them and acknowledges A Local Cart’s supporting role in the Transaction. Through the User dashboard, Renter will receive the address for the drop-off of the Rental.

Prior to delivery you are required to inspect golf cart/LSV and perform any required maintenance (i.e. ensuring fuel/battery fluid, and air-pressure levels are acceptable). We require that you deliver the golf cart/LSV and all rented equipment to the address/drop-off point you have agreed to and arrive on-time.


At the time of delivery, Owner shall be responsible for confirming all terms of the reservation, including identity of the Renter and designated passengers if applicable. You shall be responsible for receiving a copy of Renters valid drivers license. Please take a picture of it next to your vehicle’s registration or tag. If Renter fails to present a valid license, you should not continue with the delivery of the vehicle. The Reservation period should NOT commence to the Rental or Trip Period.

If Renter DOES present a valid license and all terms of the reservation are otherwise confirmed, please instruct Renter on the basics of operation SPECIFIC to your golf cart/LSV, including operation of any equipment, including anti-theft devices, and any other instructions particular to the golf cart/LSV being rented. Be sure to re-state maintenance (i.e. charging schedule) requirements during the Rental period, and be sure Renter understands them.

During this period, a booked Reservation shall NOT have converted into a Rental unless all conditions precedent have been performed, meaning terms of your Reservation Agreement, and A Local Cart terms are satisfied. As a practical matter, this means if you detect any obvious or likely possibility of Renter engaging in Prohibited Activities as listed in the Renters Terms, A Local Cart permits you to make a judgement call. Intoxication or lack of skill sufficient to safely operate the vehicle should be apparent. Understand that no liability will attach to Owner for negligent entrustment if apparent impediments to safe operation are apparent. However, do understand that Renter may have recourse through the Administrative Terms, the Parties have accepted to submit to an informal dispute resolution process. Owner will still be paid their reservation fee; however, A Local Cart reserves the right to review your Owner account if a pattern of unwarranted cancellations and unfavorable disputes is detected.

If no obvious violations of A Local Cart terms, or your Reservation Agreement between Renter and Owner are detected, please submit a photo of Renter’s valid license next to the permit decal or vehicle tags, your submission of the photo shall be time-stamped commencing the Rental or Trip period.


At the time your golf cart/LSV is returned by sure to document any perceived damage to the vehicle beyond wear and tear, additionally please ask the Renter how the Rental went. Make note of any problems or complaints they may have had and, to the extent possible ensure any wear and tear or conditions presented are remedied before completing a subsequent reservation through A Local Cart.

Accidents or Damage

If at any time during the Rental period the Renter reports any damage or accident to you, be sure to report them via the insurance claims submission form in the rental details page. If practicable, you may take possession of your vehicle before the end of the Rental period in the event of an accident or equipment failure. Please advise Renter to immediately initiate the Insurance claim process if necessary. A Local Cart is not liable for any loss revenue from scheduled rentals or loss personal usage of the golf cart/LSV resulting from accident, damage, recovery or theft of the vehicle.

If you detect damage or receive any fines or tickets after vehicle return, please use tools or procedures as A Local Cart may offer in order to be reimbursed as agreed. Pursuant to A Local Cart’s Payment and Administrative terms, you may be required to provide materials prior to any reimbursement being processed or having Renters Payment Method charged. Please consult A Local Cart’s Payment and Administrative terms for more information. All reimbursements are subject to at 5% processing fee collected by A Local Cart.